Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 Benefits of Mayonnaise For Hair


5 Benefits of Mayonnaise For Hair - Do you know what is mayonnaise? Mayonna is a kind of sauce made from healthful natural ingredients resembling olive oil, vegetable oil, chicken eggs and vinegar. How to make mayonnaise in every country of course different and the material used is also different then no wonder if the mayonnaise of each country is different and has its own characteristics. Even the way of consuming mayonnaise is also different in every country for example in Japan, mayonnaise used as a sauce for food resembling pizza, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki, and ebi furai while in Europe alone mayonnaise made in the sauce for sandwich spread

Benefits of mayonnaise for hair

Well talking about mayonnaise, it was not only delicious to eat but also we can use for hair beauty. Do not believe ? see the pen stroke below about 5 benefits mayonnaise for your hair.

1. Moisturize Hair

Mayonna is not just for the taste of food alone but also able to be used to moisturize hair. Natural ingredients mayonnaise providers contain vitamins and proteins that help nourish your hair so that the hair will feel soft. Well, if you have a sitting case with dry hair and fierce then use mayonnaise as a hair mask.

2. Protect From the Sun

Sun, powder and pollution not only make the skin a quick smell of the soil but also can damage the beauty of your hair. Well, in addition to moisturizing it mayonnaise is also useful to protect hair from the sun. If you regularly use a mayonnaise mask then every strand of your hair will create a layer to protect from the sun.

3. Protect From Chemicals

Do you often bergonta hair style and hair color? if yes then it is definitely countless how many chemicals that stick to your hair. Hair styling products that contain hazardous chemicals can make the hair become damaged and dried slowly and usually a brand will be aware if the damage is severe. Well, if you include people who often use hair dye and other chemical products then use a mayonnaise mask for hair because mayonnaise can protect your hair from chemicals and help repair hair damage.

4. Helps Keep the PH Balance Hair

Then mayonnaise benefits for the next hair that helps balance the pH of hair. If the pH of hair is balanced then it is certain that you will be avoided from hair loss, dry and broken.

5. Stopping Hair Damage

Damage to hair that is diluted in the long term will be very detrimental to your own cause if the hair is damaged then it will certainly easily fall out and dry. Well, by putting mayonnaise on your hair then this is able to stop damage to the hair. Your hair will come back volume and shine naturally without having to buy expensive hair care products.

That's the 5 benefits of mayonnaise for hair. Even with regular and regular use can help to overcome hair loss, hair dry and damaged. Even the mayonnaise is also able to be used as a face mask. 

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